Dos and Don’ts of Braces

When treated with utmost care, braces produce some truly stunning smile transformations. These results require a great deal of commitment from everyone involved. An orthodontist’s job is to provide the expertise, ensuring that the patient is comfortable and treatment is progressing at a steady pace. But patients have a significant responsibility in the process as well.

As wonderful as they are, braces can prove to be a challenge. It’s important that a patient have a solid understanding of all the guidelines to ensure a smooth and effective treatment. We’ve condensed these guidelines into a simple list of dos and don’ts for quick reference. Read on for a glance at some of the highlights.

Braces Dos

  • DO brush and floss after every meal. The brackets and wires can make it more difficult to clean your teeth throughly, leaving more opportunity for cavities and plaque buildup. Use a water flosser or threading tool to get those hard-to-reach areas.
  • DO keep your rubber bands on, if prescribed by the orthodontist. Elastics will allow your braces to apply a certain amount of pressure to different sets of teeth. This is useful in correcting overbites and underbites, as well as closing any gaps in the teeth.
  • DO protect your braces when engaging in any physical activity, especially contact sports. Wear a mouth guard to keep everything secure and protect yourself from serious injury.

Braces Don’ts

  • DON’T eat foods that will cause your braces to snap, bend, or break. Sticky, gummy, or excessively chewy foods can damage your braces. If your bracket were to lose its cement hold on your tooth or your wire were to come loose, then your treatment schedule would be put on hold until the problem could be resolved.
  • DON’T get into a chewing habit. Much like biting into one of the foods listed above, chewing your nails or a pencil can dislodge your braces and prevent progress. This only delays your treatment, putting you further behind schedule.
  • DON’T miss an orthodontic appointment. Your orthodontist uses this time to check the integrity of the braces, recommend new elastic placement, and tighten as needed. Think of it as a regular doctor’s checkup. If you have to cancel, please plan to reschedule as soon as possible after the original date.

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