Vivera Retainer Subscription

Smile More, Worry Less

Once your initial treatment plan is over, retainers are an important part of keeping your new smile straight!

With the Vivera Retainer Subscription, we can help ensure you have a fresh set of retainers every few months.

Why Subscribe?

Since your retainer keeps your smile straight after treatment, it’s vital to have it on-hand to wear each and every night. And If you’ve ever misplaced a pair of glasses or the car keys, you know how much of a hassle it can be.

When it comes to replacing your products, that can get expensive! Luckily, the Vivera subscription plan has an answer for you.

Check out these awesome benefits of subscription:

  • Fresh new set of retainers once or twice a year
  • Easy and affordable way to replace lost or damaged retainers
  • Faster and more convenient than an office visit

Two Awesome Options

Option 1

1 New Set Per Year

Monthly Payment: $28.00

Option 2

2 New Sets Per Year

Monthly Payment: $54.00

How It Works

It’s easy to get started! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Login or Create Account

Head to to create your account or log in to your existing account.


2. Check Your Email for Subscription Details

You’ll receive an email to log in to your account and choose the subscription plan that works for your needs and fits your family’s budget.

3. Select Your Subscription Plan

Confirm your selection and enroll in monthly automatic payments.


4. Receive Your Retainers

Based on your subscription plan, you’ll receive your retainers every 6 or 12 months — or as needed.