How To Determine if Metal Braces Are Right for Your Kids

Kids begin getting their teeth straightened in middle school, and some continue into high
school with their treatment plan. For many patients, traditional metal braces are the way to go.
But why, you may ask, should I put metal braces on my child when Invisalign are also a viable
option? The truth is that while Invisalign are extremely useful under the right circumstances,

metal braces are more widely applicable. Let us guide you through the process of deciding
whether traditional metal braces are right for your child.
1. Severity
The types of treatment available depend entirely on how severely your child’s teeth are
misaligned. As their adult teeth come in, most children wind up with a very crooked smile that
takes quite a bit of fine-tuned force to correct. In these cases, metal braces are your best bet. But
for those whose smile is only slightly out of alignment, Invisalign may still be an option.
2. Treatment Time
Despite the force exerted on your child’s teeth by the metal brackets and wires of
traditional braces, the length of the treatment process is longer than other alternatives. However,
this is to be expected, as many patients require significant adjustment and realignment to their
teeth and/or jaw. Before sending your child in for braces, be sure that they (and you) are ready to
commit to the treatment for up to 36 months.
3. Responsibility
Traditional metal braces are perfect for kids and teens that aren’t quite ready for the
responsibility of aligners. Invisalign and other similar treatments require dedication, both in time
and memory. The treatment won’t work if the aligners aren’t in your child’s mouth, and
removable aligners are prone to getting lost or forgotten. Braces, on the other hand, offer 24/7
treatment without a second thought.
4. Sports & Activities.
Many kids and teens are involved in activities outside of school, including playing sports
and learning instruments. For some, braces get in the way of these normal activities. Most
patients will adjust to the treatment with time, but it’s tough to beat the convenience and
flexibility offered by removable aligners. Before committing to braces, discuss it with your child
to ensure that they are aware of the adjustment period.
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