Tips To Keep Your Invisalign Clean and in Good Shape

One of the benefits that comes with removable Invisalign trays is the ease of cleaning. Traditional metal braces are more difficult and time-consuming to clean, as the brackets and wires are cemented to the patient’s teeth. Invisalign makes the cleaning process much simpler. Not only are the trays removable, but they are discarded and swapped out for a brand-new set every few weeks.

Even so, Invisalign still require a bit of upkeep. You must do everything you can to keep your trays clean and straight, temporary as they may be. This will promote good oral hygiene and ensure proper treatment progression. Read on for some tips and tricks when it comes to caring for your aligners.

  1. Clean Every Morning. All patients should be wearing their Invisalign overnight. As such, the first thing to do every morning is to rinse and clean your trays. This will get rid of any germs or bacteria that may have accumulated during the night.
  2. Use a Soft Toothbrush. When cleaning your trays, be sure to use a soft-bristled toothbrush to dislodge and remove any buildup. This will keep your trays from scratching and scuffing, which would make them more visible in the mouth.
  3. Keep In the Case. Upon beginning treatment, you should receive a special carrying case to store your aligners. Be sure to keep them in there when not in use, as exposure to the air could lead to bacterial buildup.
  4. Avoid Hot Liquid. Consuming warm drinks or soaking your trays in warm water could cause them to bend and distort. The trays are only plastic, after all, so be conscientious about exposure to extreme temperatures.
  5. Brush & Floss After Eating. It’s vital to brush and floss after every meal before putting your Invisalign trays back in your mouth. Food residue can get stuck in your aligners and even stain or discolor the plastic,
  6. Soak Once Per Day. Your Invisalign should be soaked once per day in a cleaning solution. This will brighten the material and remove any residue or buildup that has occurred. Invisalign themselves recommend using the official Invisalign Cleaning Crystals, but you could also find and mix any number of homemade solutions from common household staples.

If your aligners should bend, break, or tarnish while caring for them, be sure to consult your Invisalign provider right away. You must keep your trays in good shape to promote proper teeth straightening.

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