How Invisalign Changed Oral Care for the Better

For most people, the decision to get Invisalign is prompted by aesthetics. Straight teeth and a healthy smile are seen as attractive and memorable. In fact, according to data collected from a poll of 2,000 people across the United States, 76% of participants said that a smile is best for making a good first impression. Invisalign offers patients a way to straighten their smile without the visual aspect of braces. It’s a win-win!

But there’s more to Invisalign than aesthetics alone. It also improves oral health and makes it easier to keep your teeth clean, lowering the potential for cavities or gingivitis. Invisalign has made orthodontics accessible to a wider audience, meaning that more people have the opportunity to improve their smile. Let’s take a look at some specifics when it comes to the positive relationship between Invisalign and oral care.

Easier Cleaning

A toothbrush and floss are your primary cleaning tools, the perfect team. A toothbrush relies on its bristles to gently scrub the plaque off the surface of your teeth, and floss gets between the teeth to remove any food particles that may be lodged there. Crooked teeth make this process more difficult and much less efficient. After Invisalign, your cleaning tools will have easier access to all surfaces, cracks, and crevices for better oral hygiene.

Even Wear on Teeth

Teeth that are crooked or misaligned may not always make contact with their counterpart, above or below. This means that chewing can cause uneven wear and tear on the enamel of your teeth. Some may be disproportionately overused, while others get little to no use at all. A straight smile ensures that every tooth has a purpose, protecting your enamel from accelerated wear and increasing chewing efficiency.

Minimized Risk of Injury

Even if you don’t participate in high-activity sports or athletics, you may still be at risk of injury. Misaligned teeth are much more likely to come loose on impact, often due to their abnormal angle of protrusion. Furthermore, crooked teeth can actually cause injury within your mouth. Your tongue, as well as the soft tissue inside your lips and cheeks, may suffer unintentional bites or scratches. Invisalign will minimize the risk of injury by ensuring every tooth is in its place.

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